About us

American Acupuncture Association (AAA) was founded in 1977 as a not-for-profit organization, one of the earliest Acupuncture associations in New York. AAA was formerly known as the New York Association of Advancement of Chinese Acupuncture, which promotes the legislation of acupuncture. At that time, more than 10 volunteers (including Li Zhifu and Dr. David P.J. Hung) contributed to the establishment and funding. They hired lawyers to approach the state senators with legislation proposals that formulate relevant qualification examination regulations and issue licenses for acupuncturists.

An Introduction and Summary of the Contribution of the American Acupuncture Association to the history of Acupuncture in New York:

  1. The Independent Practice of Acupuncturists Act in New York State passed on August 9, 1975
    • According to Mr. Wang Bei’s recollection, the acupuncture legislation at that time had three different perspectives: representatives of the Western Medical Association suggested that patients should be diagnosed and referred by Western Medicine before receiving acupuncture treatment, and some representatives suggested a referral only without prior evaluation by Western Medicine. However, Mr. Wang advocated as the American Acupuncture Association (AAA) representative for the proposal that acupuncturists can practice Medicine independently. The proposal had several encounters and took two years until it was finally passed by the New York State Assembly and signed by Governor Mr. Hugh Carry on August 9, 1975.
  2. Promoting insurance companies to accept acupuncture malpractice insurance for the first time
  3. Fight for the rights and interests of acupuncture and uniting colleagues to strengthen forces:
    • In 1992, under the leadership of Dr. David P.J Hung and Jia Shanfu, five Acupuncture associations in New York jointly held a protest on Park Ave in front of the office building of the New York State Department of Education, appealing to the Department of Education to respect the professional standards of acupuncturists in terms of acupuncture academic education and license examination process that was required to become a licensed acupuncturist. This unprecedented collaboration of the Acupuncture associations in New York received significant support and participation from many community leaders. Various Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Associations held a Medical Event Gala to celebrate the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) announcement that acupuncture needles have been upgraded from experimental equipment to therapeutic instruments. This was a historic moment in the field of acupuncture. It is an affirmation of acupuncture as a medical technique and elevated the status of acupuncture in the “complementary and alternative medicine” field in the United States.

  4. Development of Academic Activities:
    • Experts and professors present various academic seminars from institutions abroad and in the United States. Members of the American Acupuncture Association exchange clinical and academic experiences through seminar discussions, which assist in improving professional standards and providing better care to patients.

  5. Initiation of Large Academic Conference
    • In 1993, the “International Academic Conference on Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine” was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Flushing and sponsored by New York Institute of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine(). Various experts from Chinese and Western medicine backgrounds (domestic and abroad) were invited to discuss research findings and exchange academic insights. NIH officials were also invited to attend so they can further understand the clinical effects of acupuncture and moxibustion. This event contributed to grants from NIH to support acupuncture research.

  6. Hosted the Fourth World Federation Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies conference
    • The American Acupuncture Association organized and held the Fourth World Federation Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies conference at the Manhattan Hilton Hotel in New York City on September 20 to 22, 1996. After two years of arduous preparations, Chairman David Hung took the lead in preparing funds. AAA set up several departments: academic, editorial, conference affairs, exhibition, sales, etc. The consultants, board members (chairman, vice chairman, secretary, directors, treasurer), and many association members worked together to host the event successfully. More than 700 representatives from 50 countries and regions at this conference, and more than 600 people from New York City, USA. The total number of participants was about 1,300, the most significant number of participants in any WFAS conference outside of China. AAA is honored to host this large-scale international conference that provided academic exchanges and collaborations between countries to develop further and promote acupuncture globally and contribute to human health. All of the members of AAA feel honored and take pride in endorsing the obligation and responsibility of acupuncture medical providers.