Video视频回放:Facial Rejuvenation and Manipulation颜面针刺与手法美容抗衰疗法 – (LIFETIME ACCESS)


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Special thanks: The proceeds from this lecture will be donated to American Acupuncture Association by Dr. Shoudong Wang.

Sponsor: American Acupuncture Association

Course content:
1. Introduction of anti-aging facial acupuncture and application
2. Facial Rejuvenation and Manipulation

Language:  Chinese & English Interpretation

Profile of Dr. Shoudong Wang

Chief licensed TCM physician of China Academy of China Medical Sciences
New York licensed acupuncturist and Califiornia licensed massage therapist
Special instructor for TCM inheritance program of the China Academy of China Medical Sciences
Special invited TCM doctor in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics medical team
The first batch of national intangible cultural heritage seventh-generation inheritors of osteopaths
Executive member of the World Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Association Federation and President of the Agarwood Industry Branch
Executive member of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies
Expert reviewer of World Health Organization in manipulation and cupping development
Reviewer of International Organization for Standardization Traditional Chinese Medicine Technical Committee TC249 and expert of thread embedding needle and skin rolling needle
President of the World Manipulative Medicine Association

Expertise and clinical experience:
Dr. Wang has been practicing TCM in clinical setting, teaching, scientific research, and medical management over 45 years. He also has been practicing TCM in the United States and others nearly 100 countries and regions for 26 years. Highly specialized skills in rehabilitation, cancer supportive treatment, anti-aging beauty, health fortune, and some intractable diseases.

He adopts the traditional essence and innovative patented technology, such as bare-handed shaping and bone-setting technique, upside-down time reversal therapy, agarwood moxibustion aromatherapy, etc. He is good at treating all kinds of stiff neck, shoulder, lower back pain, supportive managment of stage 3-4 cancers, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic respiratory and digestive diseases, mental diseases, children’s tics and encephalopathy, obesity, progeria and intractable diseases, etc.